a little trip to Chamonix

2 or 3 weeks ago Ella, Nadja and I woke up super early  to go on a day trip to Chamonix in France. It took about 3 hours on the train with a lot of different transfers but after we disembarked from the final tiny train we were met with a spectacular view.

Chamonix is a small town in the east of France that lies on the junction between Italy, France and Switzerland. The town is well known because it sits at the base of the largest mountain in the alps: Mont Blanc.

I got altitude sickness for the first time. What an experience! We boarded a carriage that took us up the mountain of  Aiguille du Midi to the viewing platforms located over 3000m above Chamonix. It was so, so foggy and so, so cold that we couldn’t actually see anything apart from our feet and they were blurred by how much we were shaking. I can imagine it would have a spectacular view with better weather although it was still super cool to be so high up.

After our trip up the mountain we went to a cafe for lunch called Cool Cats which was a very clever name. The cafe sold sort of 21st Century funky hot dogs with different fillings like pulled pork so the name is the opposite of hot dogs! It was delicious although nothing beats a Bunnings sausage sandwich! But if you go to Chamonix I 110% recommend Cool Cats!


Love Jaimee xx

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