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Lucerne und Lugano

Hallo! So as you have probably read in my past posts I am on school holidays which means lots of time to explore this beautiful country. Last week I spent 2 really fun days in 2 different cities which both start with the letter L and I kept on getting mixed up. The weather is… Read more »

Have you ever been in 3 countries at the same time?

Have you ever been in 3 countries at the same time? I have. A few days ago, me, Alex and Chloe went to Basel for the day. We visited a sculpture called¬†Dreilaendereck which means three countrys something (I don’t know the last bit) and it is located right on the point where Germany, France and… Read more »

Theater Week at School

Hoi everyone! (and just in case you think I can;t spell ‘hi’; ‘hoi’ is a swiss german greeting) So I am now on school holidays which makes me extremely happy as I am absolutely exhausted! It is also spring and I have so many places I want to visit now that the weather is warmer… Read more »

Going Solo (ft me)

Being an exchange student means that you start of the year having mostly just exchange friends which unfortunately are spread all across the country meaning it would take me hours to visit them. So on those couple of days during the holidays where I was a bit bored (and a little lonely) I decided to… Read more »

a little trip to Chamonix

2 or 3 weeks ago Ella, Nadja and I woke up super early¬† to go on a day trip to Chamonix in France. It took about 3 hours on the train with a lot of different transfers but after we disembarked from the final tiny train we were met with a spectacular view. Chamonix is… Read more »

Chloes Geburtstag

Hello everyone! So I haven’t posted in a long, long time but I am about to spam you all with post after post after post. So sit down and enjoy because you are going to be reading for awhile! A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, Chloe (who is also an exchange student… Read more »