Monthly Archives: February 2018

‘Bushwalking’ mit Chloe und ihre Familie

Hello Everyone! On Sunday I went bushwalking with Chloe and her host family which was a lot of fun. We drove through the beautiful french countryside where we saw deers in the paddocks and the snow covered mountains in the background. After a short walk on an icy path we arrived at a frozen lake… Read more »

My Zermatt Day!

Hey everyone! This post is pretty late. In fact it should have come before my school post but I just ran out of time. So anyway, here it is finally; a blog post about my amazing trip to Zermatt. On the Sunday before school started Ella, Lina and I woke up at 5:00am to hop… Read more »

Ich bin eine Schulerin!

Last week was my first week at my new, german speaking school. It was also one of the longest and hardest weeks of my life. School in Switzerland is so different to Australian school which made settling in a challenge but a good challenge. I thought for this post I would show you a couple … Read more »

Rotary Sprachcamp

Intro: Some people have been wondering why I haven’t posted in so long. Well, for the past 2 weeks I have been at a Rotary language camp for the January Swiss inbounds and there was no wifi and hardly anyone had a swiss sim yet! There were 26 of us altogether, aged from between 14… Read more »