‘Bushwalking’ mit Chloe und ihre Familie

Hello Everyone!

On Sunday I went bushwalking with Chloe and her host family which was a lot of fun. We drove through the beautiful french countryside where we saw deers in the paddocks and the snow covered mountains in the background. After a short walk on an icy path we arrived at a frozen lake – the first one I had ever seen. It was massive and completely iced over. We walked across it but it was very slippery. There were some children ice skating which would be awesome to do!

We walked around the lake once on a path that was covered by evergreens but it was too cold to stay longer so we hopped back in the car. Next we drove to another bushwalking place (it’s funny that I keep calling it bushwalking. Please note that where we walked was nothing like the Aussie bush) where we got to walk along the side of a non-frozen river. The river was used for water powered energy so there were a couple of buildings and machines along the way but it was cool to see how it works. We walked through some cave sort of parts of the path that had icicles hanging from the roof (which totally freaked me out as I thought they were going to fall on my head)!

So that was my Sunday. Sorry it was quite short!




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