Chloes Geburtstag

Hello everyone!

So I haven’t posted in a long, long time but I am about to spam you all with post after post after post. So sit down and enjoy because you are going to be reading for awhile!

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends, Chloe (who is also an exchange student from Australia) had her 17th birthday. To celebrate she organised a weekend of fun for a couple of exchange friends. On Saturday we met at Biel station and caught a train to Bern where we spent the afternoon exploring the awesome city. First we bought some lunch and had a picnic in the Rosen Garten (rose garden) which had a spectacular view of Bern. Then after a short walk we arrived at the Bear Park; an attraction that Bern is famous for. Lucky for us, a couple of the bears actually decidedto emerge from their caves sowe were able to get a good look!

My favourite part of theday was our next stop: the Berner Münster (which I think is Bern Minster in english!). This is the most important and the tallest church in Switzerland. It has a total height of about 100m from the base to the sharp spire at the topof the tower attached. Visitors are given the chance to access two viewing platforms at the top of the tower. But to get to them you must climb the skinniest, steepest, longest, windiest staircase I have ever been on! Although it was definitely worth the burning legs and dizzy head for the view that awaited us. As we trekked back down the stairs we came across a passage that led to the Bell room. We were all shocked at how extraordinarily massive the bells were!

The view from the top of the Munster

Our last stop in Bern was the Tier park (animal park) which was not a planned activity. We were trying to find something to do, saw a tram that said Tier Park and climbed aboard. Thats the beauty of exchange! Problem was it was raining and we didn’t realise there was an entry fee which we couldn’t afford. But just in front of the ticket sales was a massive area filled with Flamingos that we got to see. So that was cool!

To finish off an amazing day we went back to Chloe’s house where her lovel

y host mum had made a delicious lasagne (thanks Prisca! xx).

The next morning we woke up early and hopped on a train to Interlaken Ost (There is an Interlaken West and East train station), a beautiful city located at the base of the Bernese mountains in central Switzerland. For the first part of the day we just explored the city, admiring the touristy places andwandering in and out of souvenir stores.

At midday we once again boarded a train this time to Blausee (which means blue lake) which was literally just a big blue lake. But it’s a lot more special then just a lake although it is hard to explain so please refer to the pictures below for a description:


Anyway we walked around the lake and enjoyed the scenery and peacefullness of the scenery including the beautiful surrounding mountains. Once we were all tired we grabbed a hot chocolate (of course) and headed home.

Dankeshön Chloe for such a fun weekend!


Jaimee xx

Now just for my benefit I am going to write a much shorter recount of the weekend but in German to practise:

Hallo Alle!

Am der Wochenende, meine freundinen hier in der Schweiz, Chloe, hatte ihre siebzehnter geburtstag. Mit anderen Freundinen und Freundin wir sind zu Bern gegangen. Wir haben mittagessen gegessen in einem Park heisst Rosen Garten. Der Park hatte ein megashön aussicht! Unsere nächste halt war der Bär Garten. Glucklicher, der Bär war nicht schlafen so wir konnen foto gemacht!

Meine lieblings Ort das wir haben bessucht war der Berner Münster. Diese ist die großte kirche in der Schweiz.

Unsere letzte halt in Bern war der Tier Park. Wir haben Flamingo gesehen! Sie war megacool!

Zu fertigen eine toll tag wir sing zu Chloe’s haus gegangen und ihre gastmutter hatte Lasagne gemacht!

Die nachste tag wir sind Interlaken gegangen. Es ist ein kleine aber shön staadt in der mittel von Switzerland! Später wir sind zu Blausee gegangen. Es ist eine See das ist eine cool farbe. Neben der See ist viel Bergen. Sie sind sehr hübsch!

Dänkshon für ein toll wochende!


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