Lucerne und Lugano


So as you have probably read in my past posts I am on school holidays which means lots of time to explore this beautiful country. Last week I spent 2 really fun days in 2 different cities which both start with the letter L and I kept on getting mixed up. The weather is so nice and sunny now that it made the trips extra fun!

On Wednesday, I traveled with my friend Chloe to Lugano which is a small city in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland which I hadn’t been to yet. It was so beautiful as it lay right on a lake. Unfortunately the train station lay a bus ride from the water and since neither Chloe or I are very good at navigating our way around Switzerland we got lost trying to get there. We hopped on the bus going in the wrong direction and ended up in the middle of nowhere where we had to wait on the bus for 20 minutes until it looped back around. But finally we reached the lake and it was ‘megashön’ as the swiss like to say. Chloe and I walked around the shops for a bit and bought some lunch which we ate on a boat ramp looking out on the water. In the afternoon Chloe had the brilliant idea of using our GA’s (which is the travel pass that allows us on all public transport) to go on a boat ride. So after a quick visit to the tourist office for information we boarded a ferry that did a 1.5 hour loop around the lake. Chloe and I got seats at the very front of the boat so we had an amazing view. It was such a lovely day!

On Thursday I went to Lucerne with Chloe and Rosie (who lives close to the city). Lucerne is a much larger city than Lucerne and it also has a big lake. We decided to rent a peddle-boat as it was such a nice day and the boats were really big and quite cheap. We also packed a picnic (nice and fresh from coop!) and then headed onto the lake. Chloe and Rosie insisted that they peddle because they are both rowers so I just sat back on the front of the boat and enjoyed the scenery. Its so funny how it can be so sunny and yet when you look up there are still snow-covered mountains!

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Jaimee xx


Tracy Spath

Looks like you had beautiful weather. I hope youhave something fun planned for your birthday xx


This sounds like a lovely way for an exchange student to spend a day! You are so lucky to have the GA for a year. It makes getting places so much cheaper and I’m sure you will use it again for more adventures and tell us all about where you go. 🙂


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