My Zermatt Day!

Hey everyone!

This post is pretty late. In fact it should have come before my school post but I just ran out of time. So anyway, here it is finally; a blog post about my amazing trip to Zermatt.

On the Sunday before school started Ella, Lina and I woke up at 5:00am to hop aboard an early train. We travelled for about 3 hours until we finally reached the town of Zermatt. Then we payed a lot of money (which was found out later was totally worth it) to take a smaller train up to the top of a mountain (this was the train that all the skiiers take to get up). The train had the most spectacular fews; I couldn’t stop looking out the window.

And those pictures were only from the train. There were a few stops as the train made its way up the mountain but we decided to stop at the very top first. We got out and were astounded at the amazing view but unfortunately there weren’t any good places or activities for non-skiiers. So we bought some packet ramen and hopped back on the train.

Now the next stop that we got off at quickly added itself to my list of ‘favourite places in the entire world’! The view was amazing, the snow was amazing, the big rock cliffs were amazing, the mountains were amazing. Therefore all our pictures were as the swiss teens say ‘megacool’!

This amazing place made me feel like I was on the top of the world. Ella bought her speaker and because there was nobody around we played music really loud and sung and danced whilst standing on the side of  snow covered mountain!

After we had finished at the coolest place in the world we went for a hot chocolate at the most expensive place in the world. Ella ordered a tea (which cost 10 francs) but it was super cool! It had a stick with crystal cubes of sugar attached to it that you dipped in the tea. It tasted amazing! Lina and I also had delicious hot chocolates. We were basically the only people there and we sat on fancy fur covered chairs (that shed hair all over us).

We were pretty exhausted by the time we got back on the train in Zermatt and we also were desperately craving pizza. Unfortunately due to an avalanche the train had to stop in this really really tiny town. There were probably over 200 people standing at the station. The town only had about 3 shops and because it was Sunday only one was open which obviously was packed. When the buses finally started arriving to take us to the nearest station there was complete chaos. Everyone shoved towards the buses and we were squished (literally i felt like I was buried) between heaps of people. Ella made it onto the first bus so Lina and I were separated from her. But luckily we all made it to the station and met up and Ella had bought the worlds largest ever pizza!

So that was my amazing day! That did happen along time ago but I will always remember it clearly as one of the best days of my life!

Jaimee xx

p.s I did have some more photos of the fancy cafe and the crowded station. Also one of me shoving my head in the snow but sadly they wouldn’t upload!

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