Sleighing, sledging, sledding??!!

I had the most awesome day today! In the morning Lina, Ella and I just hung out at home (literally we hung in the hammock!) and I had chocolate croissants and delicious bread for brekky. At 1pm everyone including my host brother, Nemo (who I hadn’t met yet) hopped on a bus and rode 20 minutes to Prés-D’orvin a ski field near Biel. There was quite a bit of snow there and later in the afternoon it started snowing heaps! We had so much fun on one of the smaller slopes as we spent most of the arvo sledding down the hill. You might be wondering about what the title means; basically none of us could say sledding properly. By the end of the day we were just saying ‘it was so much fun sl…sllll…’! Ella called it sleighing, I called it sledging (until we thought of a sledge hammer). Anyway after an hour or so we went into a small restaurant near the slope and had lunch. I got to try a swiss food called Rösti which was so yummy. It was pretty much just a really good potato fritter. I also tried a swiss soft drink called Rivella which I liked the taste of but not the fizzy part. After lunch Ella, Lina and I went back to the snow with our sleds (or sledges or sleighs!) and we tried to go down with the 3 of us on the back which was hilarious! We kept on falling off and it was so awesome. We also went over a very small jump and hurt our butts!


When we had a small break from Sledding we went to the side of the slope and just played in the snow. Lina, Ella and I did cartwheels and very professional somersaults in the snow and then we built a snowwoman (because we are such feminists).

Tonight for dinner I ate Raclette which if you don;t know is sort of melted cheese which we ate with bacon and potato. It was really good!

So thats my day and now I am back home (yes this is home now!!) and while I was writing this we were eating Lindtt chocolate that I was given as a gift from my counsellor.

Here are just 2 quick things that I have noticed are different from Australia which I forgot to mention in my last post:

  1. In Biel there are little taps everywhere where water is always running from. We have one in our backyard. The water comes straight from a well so it tastes so refreshing and we always fill our cups up from there instead of the inside tap. Also because Ella and I have our rooms on the top floor (2 flights of stairs) we thought of the idea to connect the hose and throw it through the window so that we don’t have to walk all the way downstairs for water. However it took us awhile to figure out how to get the hose into the window because being on the 3rd floor it was a bit hard to throw it. But eventually we figured out that we could just tie some string to it and pull it up!
  2. People are very chilled about what you wear out in public. I don’t know whether maybe thats just my host sister but when we went for a walk with the dog one evening we both wore pj’s (mine had vegemite on them). I felt ridiculous but nobody seemed to care.





Hey Jaimee-Anne…that’s what I say to you when you are in trouble….when does the next blog post come through. I am missing you heaps, but hope you are having an awesome time darling. Love Dad.


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