Update (and a practise blog post)

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Rotary Youth Exchange Blog. For any of you that don’t know I am leaving for a year long exchange to Switzerland in 2018. Only 49 days to go and I am so excited!

So I just thought I would give a quick update on what I have been doing in preparation before I leave, where I am going and what I have been doing with my sponsor club.


I have been to 2 outbound training days so far (the last one is in January right before I leave) which have taught me about how to get the most out of my exchange. I have started learning a bit of German but I am not very good at it! Switzerland Rotary gives me a tutor who has instructed me to do about half an hour of an online language program a night. I am also expected to complete 16 tests before christmas and I have only done 7 or 8!

Host Location

A few weeks ago I finally found out that I am going to a small town called Biel which is between Zurich and Bern. It’s very historic and pretty! My first host family has a daughter who is about my age and she is really nice. Her family speaks english as they used to live overseas which will be helpful when I am settling in but I still want to learn German! I also got in contact with my club counsellor!

Sponsor Club/Rotary

I have been getting pretty involved with my sponsor club Turumurra Rotary. I try to attend as many meetings as I can especially as there is an exchange student currently being hosted. Last weekend I helped out at the Jumbo Flight which is a joyride for disabled children and their families. It was super fun and a really great experience. I have also been attending worker bee sessions for a charity called Days for Girls and I got my school involved as well. PLC has now had 3 DFG workshops with over 200 people helping out!




So there is my first blog post! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Love Jaimee



Jaimee – how exciting you know where you are going? Have a wonderful wonderful time and I cannot wait to read yoru next posts. We’ll miss you. Love Kate, George and Audrey.

Emily Carter

All your involvement with rotary sounds great, well done! Biel looks so pretty, you’ll have such a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about it! Love the Carters x


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